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How to Get the Binoculars in Sons of the Forest

See far into your future with this ultimate survival tool.

by Nikola L

Sons of the Forest is still in Early Access, but the game is very, very enjoyable, and the hype around it is big. Even though there is a lot to be added to the game until it reaches the famous “1.0” version, the developers are intensively working on delivering new stuff to the game, actively listening to the community, and adding cool new features. One of the new features is the addition of Binoculars. In this guide, Prima Games will be glad to point you in the direction of this magnifying device, so that you can see far and beyond in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find the Binoculars in Sons of the Forest

Binoculars can be found in the northwest corner of the map. Hopefully, you’re not too far away from there, or you have a hang glider ready. It is not difficult to find, as there is a characteristically shape of the coastal bay to be spotted as a landmark on your GPS tracker.

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On this lovely beach marked in the image above, you can find a red Kayak. In this Kayak, you will find a Wire, and a Camouflage Suit (which you can give to Virginia). See the screenshots below for a more precise location (we zoomed in on the GPS tracker so that you can see the shape of the coast better). It’s a bit snowy in the screenshots, so don’t mind that.

How to Use the Binoculars in Sons of the Forest

When you equip your binoculars from the Inventory, you can press your attack key (Mouse 1 by default) and you will zoom in. Indeed, this is very useful to scout ahead for enemies and some points of interest, assuming the weather conditions are good enough for you to see far enough.

Screenshot by Prima Games

That’s it for this guide, everyone! We hope you’ll enjoy this scouting tool. Scout out our other Sons of the Forest articles at the game tag under this article if you are into more SotF content, and check our YouTube channel as well!

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