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How to Get the Battacor Rifle in Warframe

Swing, batta battacor.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Battacor

Warframe’s arsenal of weapons is vast and very distinct from one another, which is tough to pull off for a game as old as it. On one end you have the Braton, a fairly standard rifle you’d see in other shooters like Warframe. On another is the Arca Plasmor, which launches massive energy blasts that can easily take down crowds. One such weapon uses Sentient design to improve its efficiency, though how you acquire it can be a bit confusing. Here’s how to get the Battacor rifle in Warframe.

Where to Find the Battacor in Warframe

Like many other weapons available in Warframe, the Battacor isn’t something you go and farm out in the wild. Instead, you’ll need to gain access to a Clan Dojo. You can fairly easily find a Clan in the Recruitment chat of Warframe, and from there, it’s as simple as building a Clan Dojo key to make your way in. Once you’re finally in, make your way over to the clan’s Energy Lab to find the Battacor blueprint. Replicate it, and it’ll show up in the Foundry of your Orbiter ready to be built.

What Resources Are Needed to Make the Battacor in Warframe?

Like its distant cousin the Ocucor, the Battacor requires several resources that range from easy to hard as far as acquiring them goes. In total, you will need the following resources:

  • 10 Fieldron: Earned from completing Invasions that reward Fieldron, or through the blueprint found through the Energy Lab in the Dojo.
  • 40 Tepa Nodule – Found in the caves across the Orb Vallis, appearing as a plant with small blue leaves.
  • 25 Heart Noctrul – The blueprint for Heart Noctrul can be purchased from Smokefinger in Fortuna. Otherwise, Noctrul is found in blue mineral veins across the Orb Vallis.
  • 20 Tromyzon Entroplasma – Acquired from dismantling Tromyzon at The Business. Tromyzon are found in fishing hotspots during cold weather, with Tromyzon Bait making the process much easier.

Once you have all of the above resources, you can begin crafting. After 24 hours, the Battacor will be available for you to grab out of your foundry.

Is the Battacor Worth Using?

The Battacor fires in two-round bursts, with kills stacking charges up to three times. These charges will improve the damage of the Alternate Fire, which when activated will fire a beam that explodes on impact. This beam can be affected by mods such as Firestorm, though I’d suggest avoiding using that as it’s a waste of a slot.

Also available to the Battacor is the new augment mod, Sentient Blast, added with Nora’s Mix Volume 4. The augment reads as follows:

  • Sentient Blast: Discharge from Alt-Fire now has infinite Body Punch Through but no longer explodes on contact. Hitting 3 or more enemies refills the used charges and increased the Critical Chance and Critical Damage of the next discharge by 300%.

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This transforms the Alternate Fire from an explosive beam into a crowd clearer, which can give the weapon a new purpose. I suggest running this if you’re a big fan of the Battacor, though don’t expect it to make the gun all of the sudden meta or anything along those lines.

If you’re interested in experimenting with the other augment mod added with Nora’s Mix Volume 4, check out our guide on how to get the Ocucor pistol in Warframe.

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