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How to Get the Ancient Stone Key in Genshin Impact

Lots of treasures are waiting for you

by Patrick Souza

The Desert of Hadramaveth never ceases to surprise Genshin Impact players with its secrets. Even if you have 100% completion on the newest area, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find any more secrets or hidden areas around, as it’s quite easy to miss something. And if you explored the area early, you might have missed the Ancient Stone Key.

The key opens one of the doors that wasn’t opened even after completing all of the previous quests. That’s because there’s actually a final quest that wasn’t available until February 6, halfway through the whole update. What a way of making people come back for content! Anyways, here’s where you can get this quest and, eventually, this final key to treasures.

Where to Start the Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters… Questline

The first quest in this line, which will award you the Key in the end, will be available from Yuften in the Tanit Camps, next to the desert’s Statue of the Seven. Yuften is the sole man chilling out with the crocodiles, next to a small river. The quest will be available as soon as you have completed all of the other quests around the camp, such as Jeht’s mission to retrieve Benben and the Tadhla the Falcon series.

Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters Quest Start
Screenshot by Prima Games

Yuften will ask you to search for their missing cargo, and after finding some suspiciously well-positioned hints, you’ll be ambushed by some Eremites claiming they were sent by Jeht to silence you. After making quick work of them, return to the camp and get the next task.

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The quest will still be the same thing, go for the objective, speak with some NPCs, and defeat enemies. Be sure to use the “Gerardo” dialogue option when you’re given the chance. Totally worth it. After checking all of the Fatui camps nearby, the quest will be completed and you’ll be on the final step, which will be lots of fights going on and on.

All of those conflicts will ultimately lead to the final battle in the Tanit Camps, in which you and Jeht will put an end to the tribe’s treachery once and for all.

Completing the whole quest gives you the “…For She Shall Surely Requite.” achievement. And don’t think we forgot what this guide was about. 

Where to Get the Ancient Stone Key

After all is said and done, go back to the Tanit Camps and visit the area in which Babel used to be. You’ll find a glowing thing on the ground instead, and that’s the Key you’ve been looking for. 

Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters Key
Screenshot by Prima Games

After grabbing it, drop down to where the crocodiles are and open the locked door, right in front of where Yuften used to be. You’ll be rewarded with lots of treasure chests, containing a total of x200000 Mora. A good final reward, especially when you also add the Primogems and other rewards from the three previous quests.

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