How to Get the Acosmic Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2

How may we endure the desolation of the absolute?

Time to don your paper mask and get ready to bury yourself elbow-deep in Lost Sectors, guardians. The Season of the Lost is finally upon us, and we’ve got a brand-new gun to show for it. May I introduce Acosmic, a rapid-fire grenade launcher with a paint job right out of an 80s disco rink. Here’s how to get the Acosmic in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Festival of the Lost Grenade Launcher Acosmic in Destiny 2

Do you like seeing things go boom? Of course, you do. You’re playing Destiny, and that’s half the game. And the Festival of the Lost is offering a new gun to make your booms boom faster.

Acosmic is a Void Rapid Fire GSP Heavy Grenade Launcher. And if you want one of your own, the best way to get it is through decrypting Eerie Engrams.

Eerie Engrams can be earned by completing Haunted Lost Sectors in the event playlist. The higher tier Lost Sector you complete, the more likely an Eerie Engram will drop.

You can even go the extra step and visit Eva Levante in the Tower beside the Cryptarch to use Hocus-Focusing (standard focusing with a spooky twist) to get Acosmic.

And if you love grenade launchers, Hocus-Focusing might be the path to down, especially if you’re looking for that Acosmic God Roll.

The Best God Roll for Acosmic in Destiny 2

Acosmic is a rapid-fire grenade launcher, and two builds can really make it shine. The first, which prioritizes reload speed, leans into its rapid-fire frame. The second build offsets Acosmic’s low ammo reserve and gives it a bit more bang for its buck.

Build 1: Never Stop Blowing Things Up

  • Basic Launcher Barrel: Smart Drift Control. Stability +10, Velocity +5, Recoil +15, Handling +15.
  • Basic Magazine: Alloy Casing: -10 Stability, +30 Reload Speed.
  • Column 1 Trait: Clown Cartridge: Reloading this weapon randomly overfills it from reserves.
  • Column 2 Trait: Explosive Light: Picking up an Orb of Power increases the next projectile’s blast radius and damage.

Build 2: Make that Boom Hurt

  • Basic Launcher Barrel: Smart Drift Control. Stability +10, Velocity +5, Recoil +15, Handling +15.
  • Basic Magazine: High Velocity Rounds. Velocity +10, Reload Speed +10.
  • Column 1 Trait: Field Prep. Increased ammo reserves. Faster reload, stow, and ready when you’re crouching.  
  • Column 2 Trait: Cascade Point. Final blows or sustained precision hits with another weapon increase this weapon’s rate of fire for a short duration.  

 But the best build will always be the one that suits your playstyle, so experiment and have fun.

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