How to Get the Abyss Trekker Ship in Starfield

This ship makes me think of deep sea diving, for some reason.

Starfield Abyss Trekker
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In Starfield, having the correct ship with the right stats is going to make a world of difference. The default Frontier ship is alright at best but should be swapped out for something better as soon as possible. One ship is one some people have been wanting, though where you get it and whether it’s worth it are up in the air. Here’s how to get the Abyss Trekker ship in Starfield.

Where to Get the Abyss Trekker Ship in Starfield

Starfield Paradiso Ship Services Technician
Image via Prima Games.

The Abyss Trekker ship is like many of the other ships in Starfield, in that you must buy it from a Ship Services Technician. For this ship specifically, you’ll need to visit the Technician on Paradiso, who can be found to the right of your ship. Speak with them, then select the dialogue choice “Let me see what ships you have for sale.” and you’ll open up a window of all their ships on offer. From there, it’s as simple as selecting the Abyss Trekker and buying it.

The Abyss Trekker is a Class C ship featuring a unique design, sporting a mostly normal shape excluding the massive wing attached to the right of the ship. It comes equipped with Particle Beam, Ballistic, and Missile weapons, along with including 340 Cargo Capacity. You can even fit up to six Crew members into the vessel.

Is the Abyss Trekker Worth Buying?

Starfield Abyss Trekker Side View
Image via Prima Games.

The major caveat for the Abyss Trekker is that it comes in at around 330,000 Credits (with slight variance). You’ll also need Piloting level 4 to be able to fly the vessel since it’s a Class C ship. Because of this, I’d only suggest buying it if you like its design and aren’t comfortable with using the Ship Builder. You could build something more personal with the interface, but this does make the process a tad easier.

If you’re looking for some extra ships to add to your fleet, check out our guide on how to get the Star Eagle ship in Starfield.

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