Tempered Remnants
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How to Get Tempered Remnants in God of War Ragnarok

Gather up materials for your armor.

Armors can be upgraded quite a bit in God of War Ragnarok, and to keep the process interesting, there were plenty of new upgrade materials added to the game for Kratos to collect. One of the rarer materials is the Tempered Remnants found toward the end of the game, but they are found in very specific locations.

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Not only will you need to find these materials, but they are also limited in quantity, making them even more valuable when you decide to enhance existing armor. Before we go ahead into this guide, there are some spoilers due to the story link to the Tempered Remnants, so turn back now if you haven’t completed the main story.

God of War Ragnarok – How to Get Tempered Remnants

The reason you won’t find this material until you’ve finished the main story is that you’ll need Asgard to essentially explode. After Kratos and Atreus have won against Odin, Surtr destroys Asgard and sends fragments of the area all across the realms. This includes the Tempered Remnants that we’re looking for.

To get a hold of these materials, Kratos must take on quite a few enemies that even pose as bosses in some cases. It’s the Einherjar that survived Ragnarok and was shot across the realms that hold on to the remnants. After the main story ends, players are given the quest called “Last Remnants of Asgard” which tasks Kratos with killing the remaining Einherjar that fell from Asgard.

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There are 10 of these Einherjar sites in total, and each contains a red glowing chest. Opening these chests up will reward you with a hefty amount of Tempered Remnants in God of War Ragnarok. Three sites are in Svartalfheim, two are in Vanaheim, one is in Muspelheim, two are in Midgard, and two are in Alfheim. You won’t have any trouble finding these because they are all marked in red on your map once the post-game begins. Hunt down the Einherjar and claim Tempered Remnants for yourself.

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