How to Get Swimsuits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7)

Suns out? Guns out.

Who doesn’t love a beach episode? Here’s how to unlock swim suits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7).

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How to Get and Wear Swimsuits and Bikinis in Final Fantasy VII

If you’ve spent any time at all on the internet, there’s a good chance you’ve seen images of Tifa and Aerith in bikinis floating around. And yes, these are unlockable outfits that you can have the girls wear, even outside of town. So, if you’ve ever wanted to see Tifa kick a fish in the face while wearing a bikini, now’s your time to make your dreams a reality.

There are four characters you can unlock swimsuits for in Final Fantasy 7:

  • Cloud.
  • Aerith.
  • Tifa.
  • Yuffie (who you can unlock).

These swimsuits can be unlocked in Costa del Sol, which you’ll reach in Chapter 6. Once you’re there, you’ll essentially have a beach day anime episode, where you and your squad will go out and do a series of fun minigames like finding hidden Cactuars or collecting wayward Wheelies to earn Companion Cards. These Companion Cards can then be exchanged at the outfit booth on Costa del Sol’s main street.

Here’s how to get all the companion cards in Costa del Sol:

  • Cloud Companion Card – Complete the Cards del Amor challenge.
  • Cloud Companion Card – Beat the base score in Pirate Rampage.
  • Aerith Companion Card – Find the Hidden Cactuars.
  • Aerith Companion Card – Beat the base second in Run Wild.
  • Tifa Companion Card – Find all the Wheelies.
  • Tifa Companion Card – Play at the hotel piano concert.

Each character has two possible outfits they can unlock: swimwear or a beach casual outfit. But there are enough minigames in town to unlock each outfit for each character. Unfortunately, Barret is stuck in a sailor’s uniform, which is hilarious and adorable all at once, and Red refuses to wear clothes. The swimwear you opt to wear and put Aerith and Tifa into can also affect your relationship, so choose wisely.

The swimsuit options are:

  • Cloud – Wild Surf.
  • Tifa – Shining Spirit.
  • Aerith – Pink Mermaid.

The beach casual options are:

  • Cloud – Ocean Chocobo.
  • Tifa – Majestic Glamour.
  • Aerith – Floral Delight.

Once you have your swimsuits, you can then go to the changing booths behind the outfit exchange shop to change your party’s clothes. There is also a changing booth near the beach, which you’ll need to eventually head to in order to progress the plot.

Can You Wear Swimsuits for All of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? – Answered

But once Chapter 7 is over, you can go back to change your outfit. Meaning that in Costa del Sol, your entire party can be in whatever outfit you like for them. But this only applies to Costa del Sol. Once you leave the region, your party will be forced back into their normal attire. Which means no final boss cutscenes with a shirtless Cloud or a bikini-strapped Tifa.

But once you complete the game, a changing booth appears at Bill’s Ranch in the Grasslands region at the beginning of the game. Here, you can change your party’s outfit and continue the game in whatever ensemble strikes your fancy. But you’ll need to see the end-game credits first. Once they roll, log back into the game, and you’ll get the notification saying the changing room is unlocked.

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