How to Get Someone’s Memory (School Uniform) Costume in Lies of P

It's like Madoka Magica but with a puppet boy

If you prefer your puppet to not look like the protagonist of a pulpy vampire novel from the 90s, then you’ll want to get him out of that costume STAT. Fortunately, there’s a brand new costume very early on in the game. Here’s how to get Someone’s Memory (School Uniform) in Lies of P.

Where to Unlock the School Boy Uniform in Lies of P

Someone’s Memory can be obtained by going to the Hotel Krat. You know, the giant, spooky hotel that serves as a major hub in the game and can be reached once you’ve finally trounced the Parade Master.

Once you’re inside the Hotel Kratz, from the entrance go left, past the front desk. You’ll find Lady Antonia staring at the wall in her wheelchair. Lady Antonia is the owner of Hotel Krat and a long-time friend of Geppetto. Speak to her and she’ll give you Someone’s Memory. This costume will let Pinocchio swap out his outfit into a dark boarding school uniform.

The item description reads:

“The uniform of a sophisticated and dignified boarding school. These clothes have been worn before. The uniform of a boarding school famous in Krat. The initial M is engraved on an elegant brooch.”

How to Equip Costumes in Lies of P

Now that you have the costume, to wear it, you’ll need to access your inventory. On PC, press options to access your menu. On Xbox, select the menu button.

Once you’re in your menu, tab to the right once to highlight Pinocchio’s bag. Click it, then tab to the image of a mask. This will bring you to your costume menu. From here, choose Someone’s Memory.

This will let you wear the School Uniform. And it really gives 9S from Nier: Automata vibes. Now we just need a blindfold!

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