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How to Get Shiny Landorus in Pokemon GO

Another shiny.

by Jesse Vitelli

Pokemon Go constantly continuously adds new Pokemon, forms, shinies, and a plethora of options for players to build their ultimate team. Hunting shinies is a long pastime for many Pokemon players, and finding these unique creatures around is rare. Here’s how to get shiny Landorus in Pokemon Go.

How to Get Shiny Landorus in Pokemon GO

In order to get a Shiny Landorus in Pokemon Go, you’ll need to battle it in a five-star raid. Every time you boot up a five-star Landorous raid, it will have a chance of being shiny; however, the odds are incredibly low.

The best way to find a shiny Landorus is to wait for Niantic to announce a Landorus Raid Hour because it will increase the amount of Landorus raids during that time. Finding as many as you can is the name of the game.

There isn’t a way to increase your odds of finding a shiny Landorus outside of participating in a ton of raids. Niantic recently limited the number of remote raid passes a player can use, so now it’s even more difficult to partake in multiple Landorus raids without having to run all over town and make sure you’re close enough to one.

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Shiny Landorus is a lighter brown, and it might be difficult to determine if it is actually shiny or not. You’ll need an eagle eye to ensure you don’t kill it or let it run away because otherwise, you’ll have to start back at square one when hunting for it.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get shiny Landorus in Pokemon Go. We have plenty of useful tips, tricks, and guides at Prima Games. For more Pokemon Go guides, stay right here. Here are Mega Blastoises weaknesses, counters, and more in Pokemon Go.

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