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How to Get Sharpness 1000 in Minecraft Bedrock: Enchantment Guide

by Nikola Pajtic
Minecraft Bedrock

Using a stick against the enemies is okay, but the game becomes genuinely amusing once you get an OP weapon. To do such a thing, you will need to use various enchantments on the weapons you own. 

In this enchantment guide for Minecraft Bedrock, learn how to get sharpness level 1000 for your sword or axe. 

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Minecraft: Enchantment Guide

Enchanting is one of the main in-game mechanics and can be used to upgrade items like boots, swords, armor, and more. 

There are more than a dozen enchantments in the game, and they can be crafted with the help of an enchanting table. Also, you can obtain enchanted items by trading with villagers, killing zombies and skeletons, then bartering with piglings in the Nether, and also in rare Minecraft chests, and fishing in oceans and large rivers. 

Sharpness is one of the available enchantments in Minecraft, and though it is limited to only level 5, you can bypass the limit with ease, and we will explain how. 

How to Get Sharpness Level 1000 in Minecraft Bedrock

There are a few steps to follow so you can reach Sharpness level 1000. 

  1. When creating a new Minecraft world, make sure to activate all available Experiments, from ‘Vanilla Experiments to Additional Modding Capabilities’ and ‘Experimental Molang Features’. You will also want to enable the ‘Activate Cheats’ option. It is essential. 
  2. Next, you will need a command block once you are in the game. To do so, type /give @p command_block. See, easy peasy. 
  3. Line up two command blocks, just like in the picture below. Type /tag @p add sharp1000 and press enter. This will be added to your username. 
  4. Go to the first command block and select ‘Repeat’ for block type, Unconditional, and Always Active for other options. In the command input type enchant @a{tag=sharp1000} sharpness 1
  5. In the second command block, select Chain for block type, and set Conditional and Always Active for other options. In the command input, write in effect @a{tag=1000}strength 1 30 true. This should increase your sharpness to level 1000, and the sword you use will start shimmering and basically be overpowered, instantly killing all mobs, including Wither and Ravager. 

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