How to Get Seedbloom in WoW

For those of us who don't have a green thumb

WoW’s newest zone, the Emerald Dream, harbors a slew of new mounts, pets, and cosmetics. If you’re unlucky with getting the drops you want, there’s a nifty bad-luck protection system in the form of Seedbloom.

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Where to Get More Seedbloom in WoW

The only source of Seedbloom is the Blooming Dreamseeds quest, available weekly from Talisa Whisperbloom. Talisa is found in the Central Encampment, seen below:

The Blooming Dreamseeds quest tasks you with planting five Dreamseeds of any quality around the Emerald Dream. Dreamseeds are found in a wide variety of activities such as World Quests, Rare Drops, as Renown rewards, and more. They can be planted in specially marked seed locations seen on your map. For a full breakdown of where to find Dreamseeds, how to use them, and their rewards, check out the guide linked below!

Seedbloom itself is a currency that can be used to purchase any of the rare rewards typically dropped from Dreamseeds. You’ll need to level your Renown with the Dream Wardens to purchase the pets and mounts, so I’d suggest hanging on to some Seedbloom for later in case you don’t get the drops you want by the time you level it up.

While the recolored transmog appearances are available for purchase using Seedbloom right away, pets require Renown rank 11 and mounts require Renown rank 18 with the Dream Wardens. All items sold by Talisa cost 1 Seedbloom each. Seedbloom is a rare resource that you’ll only acquire once a week, so to reiterate: I would suggest against blowing it all on the less rare transmog items.

If you’re just coming back to WoW and this whole article was Greek to you, why not stop by our Emerald Dream introduction guide to catch up?

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