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How to Get Salvage Keys in Destiny 2

Loot, grind, repeat.

by Daphne Fama

If you’re going to put the time and effort into completing an activity, you might as well get the maximum amount of loot for it. And that brand new seasonal activity in the depths of Titan will require lots of Salvage Keys. So, here’s how to get Salvage Keys in Destiny 2.

How Do I Get Salvage Keys in Destiny 2?

Usually, seasonal activities are my least favorite part of any Season. But I’m having a great time with Salvage in Season of the Deep, and that means I’ve blown through a lot of Salvage keys. If you’re like me and desperately need more, here are the ways you can get them:

  • Completing playlist activities like Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard Ops.
  • As a reward in the Battle Pass on the premium track.
  • Completing raid encounters.
  • Sonar Station rewards.
  • Completing Terminal Overload.
  • Completing Dares of Eternity.
  • Completing Dungeon Encounters.
  • Weekly campaign missions.

Playlist activities don’t seem to guarantee that a key will drop, so the best way to farm out these keys is to select the activity that you enjoy the most. Once you have a Salvage Key, you’ll automatically use it when you interact with the chest at the end of Salvage. Doing so will give you significantly better rewards than if you hadn’t used the key.

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Some of those rewards include the new Taken weaponry and some familiar faces, including Spare Rations. But just because they’re familiar doesn’t mean they’re the same. Beyond the aesthetic, they’ve gotten some pretty significant tweaks, including new perk rolls, new frames, and even new elemental typings.

If you’re curious about the new array of Taken Weaponry you can get, check out our guide here, which lists them all: All Taken Weapons in Destiny 2, Listed.

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