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All Taken Weapons in Destiny 2, Listed

Now give us Taken armor

by Daphne Fama

We’ve been begging for Taken Armor since the dawn of time… and now, we’re one step closer. With the Season of the Deep, we finally get Taken guns, and they look just as cool as you might expect. Here are all the Taken Weapons in Destiny 2.

Every Taken Weapon in Destiny 2

Aesthetically, the Taken are some of the coolest enemies in Destiny 2. Covered in a black, iridescent flame, they’re both spectral and hellish simultaneously. And now you can wield that power.

There are a grand total of six Taken Weapons, which are the showcase weapon of the Season of the Deep. Each of them has the Origin Perk Unsated Hunger, which increases handling, reload speed, and stability when all of your abilities are on cooldown. Now, here are all the Taken weapons you can get:

  • Rapacious Appetite: Aggressive Frame Submachine Gun with Stasis.
  • Targeting Redaction: Aggressive Frame Hand Cannon with Void.
  • Different Times: Rapid-Fire Frame Pulse Rifle with Strand.
  • Until Its Return: Rapid-Fire Frame Shotgun with Strand.
  • A Distant Pull: Rapid-Fire Frame Sniper Rifle with Stasis.
  • Thin Precipice: Vortex Frame Sword with Strand.

It’s no coincidence that the elements attuned to these weapons find their source in the Darkness. But how can you get your hands on them?

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How to Get Taken Weapons in Destiny 2

If you’re curious how to get your hands on all six, the answer is fortunately pretty easy. They drop as a reward for turning in Legendary fish and can be decoded through the Seasonal Engram at the Sonar Station. You can get Seasonal Engrams by participating in Seasonal Activities like Deep Dives and Salvage.

But fishing and seasonal activities go hand-in-hand; if you do both, you’re guaranteed to get at least a few good drops.

For a complete guide on what Focused Fishing is and how to get your gauge up as quickly as possible, check out our guide here: What is Focused Fishing in Destiny 2 – Answered.

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