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How to Get the Spare Rations Hand Cannon in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep

Wishin' and fishin'

by David Morgan

The newest Destiny 2 season dropped yesterday, and with it came reissues of Reckoning weapons (which had long been sunset). A fan favorite, Spare Rations, also returns with new perks alongside its Taken counterpart. But the methods for getting these two guns are quite different, so let’s take a look at how, specifically, to target-farm Spare Rations in Destiny 2.

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How to Farm Spare Rations in Destiny 2

To farm Spare Rations, you first need to acquire Spare Rations. A little paradoxical, I know, but the easiest method to get it quickly is to cross your fingers and Focus Deep Engrams at the Sonar Station in the H.E.L.M. using the bottom-most row, called “Reckoning Weapons,” until you get one.

Image via Prima Games

Spare Rations can also be acquired from the new Fishing activity – all you need to do is catch a Legendary fish, then trade it with the Sonar Station in the H.E.L.M. for a chance at reprised Reckoning weapons, armor, and more.

Once you’ve acquired six weapons from either Season of the Deep (the Taken versions) or the reprised Reckoning weapons, you can focus-roll Spare Rations for four Deep Engrams a pop. This is a little expensive, but it’s worth doing if you’re chasing a specific roll.

The Best Spare Ration Perks in Destiny 2

With a new reprisal comes new perks, so let’s quickly take a look at those found in the first and second row, along with my top picks for both PVE and PVP.

First Row Perks

  • Subsistence
  • Snapshot Sights (PVP)
  • Rapid Hit (PVE)
  • Slideshot
  • Moving Target
  • Offhand Strike

Second Row Perks

  • Focused Fury
  • Kill Clip
  • Swashbucker
  • Kinetic Tremors (PVE)
  • Opening Shot (PVP)
  • Vorpal Weapon

Best of luck to anyone farming this fan-favorite hand cannon! Between running activities and fishing up some honkers, you know where you can find me.