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How to Get Sakura Stones in Wild Hearts

Who named this rock

by Daphne Fama

When you hear the name “Sakura Stone” you might think of sakura or cherry blossom trees. Trees with pale pink or white petals, as lovely as they are ephemeral. And yet if you scour the Kemono-infested lands looking for a stone that fits that description, you’ll never find it. Here’s how to get Sakura Stone in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Sakura Stones in Wild Hearts

First things first. For Sakura Stone to start spawning, you must complete Chapter 3. Once that’s done, we’ll head to the old stomping ground: Harugasumi Way.

If you’ve spent some time exploring Harugasumi Way, you’ve likely seen the large cherry blossom tree just North of the river. It’s one of my favorite locations on Harugasumi Way. And, predictably, Sakura Stone will be close to this location. Simply head Northwest from the Tavern Ruins Dragon Pit, or Southwest from the Great Sakura Clearing Dragon Pit. In this location, you’ll reach a misted-out area. Among the flowers, there will be Sakura Stone on the rock outcroppings.

Important to note, Sakura Stone looks almost precisely like Lightstone. They’re orange, not pink or white, set against a deep navy mantle. So, save yourself the scrutiny and pick up every orangey stone you run across if you’re attempting to find Sakura Stone.

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If you haven’t found enough at this location, head to the Southern Obsidian Cave. There’s no shortage of ore in them thar hills and at least a few nodes of Sakura Stone.

If you prefer to do a little less running and gathering, there is also a more passive approach. The Tsukumo Ore Shrine, which can be unlocked in the Karakuri Skill Tree, can be used to passively harvest Ore. The Tsukumo Ore Shrine is on the right side of the Skill Tree and will reap up to five ore over time, with the type depending on what is locally available.

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