How to Get Returning Pike in Baldur’s Gate 3

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There’s nothing better than throwing an instrument of death into the skull of your opponent. And there’s a way to do just that without being an Eldritch Knight. Here’s how to get the much coveted and elusive Returning Pike in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get the Returning Pike (BG3)

Do you like throwing things, doing lots of damage, and then having that thrown weapon return right back to your hand? If so, the Returning Pike has everything you could hope for in Act 1. But getting your warmongering on hands them can be difficult. That’s because the Returning Pike can only be found in one place.

If you want the Returning Pike in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll have to purchase it from Grat the Goblin Trader in the Goblin Camp.

Grat can be accessed the moment you step into the courtyard of the Goblin Camp, where you’ll Volo performing. He’ll be tucked away in the right-hand corner from where you enter. That means that you must enter the camp peacefully. You can do this by being a Drow, having Sazza vouch for you, or by passing a persuasion or deception check.

Likewise, you’ll want to speak to Grat and get the Returning Pike before attacking the Goblin Leaders. While you can sneakily kill one or two leaders (Minthara and Gut being the easiest ones), once the goblin camp turns on you, Grat will no longer be a viable merchant.

Killing Grat won’t net you his entire inventory, either. Likewise, the Returning Pike can be found nowhere else in the game. You’ll have to wait until Act 3 to find another returning weapon, the legendary Nyrulna Trident.

The Returning Pike, as an uncommon weapon, will run you 98 gold, and you must be proficient in Martial Weapons or Pikes to use it.

Is the Returning Pike Bugged in Baldur’s Gate 3? – Answered

Many players have noted that sometimes the Returning Pike won’t come back to them. If this is the case, you may have to go where it was thrown in order to pick it up, as it might just be on the ground. Some players have had issues where the Returning Pike vanishes altogether. So far, there have been no concrete fixes for this, and you may have to go back to an earlier save.t

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