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How to Get Redstone in Minecraft

Well, it is very red, but I wouldn't call that stone.

by Shawn Robinson
Minecraft Redstone

Minecraft is a deep enough survival game as it is, but what makes it far more interesting is the whole world of Redstone. Sure, you could build up farms that you come back to harvest every once in a while, but why do that when a row of observers and pistons could easily destroy any sugar cane that’s grown and allow new stalks to grow up? To complete all your mechanical dreams, you’ll need a lot of a resource that can be hard to find if you’re looking for it specifically. Here’s how to get Redstone in Minecraft.

Where to Find Redstone in Minecraft

There’s a wide variety of places Redstone can spawn in Minecraft, though the most common and easy way to farm the stuff is in the deepest depths. Redstone will start spawning at anywhere around Y level 10 and will increase as you go down to the bottom of the world. We wouldn’t suggest mining at the bottom of the world, though mining a little bit above can yield quite a bit of Redstone should you need it.

That’s far from the only way to find it though, and should you be sick of mining, there are several other ways. Different generated structures such as woodland mansions, jungle temples, and ancient cities can house Redstone in one way or another. A Witch farm could also yield high amounts of passive Redstone dust, though the placement of the farm is very specific. It can also be found in naturally spawning chests within various structures.

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Wherever you choose to find it, be sure to gather as much Redstone as you can. It might seem like you have a lot, but if you’re dabbling in a bunch of automatic farms or things of the sort, you’ll go through that incredibly quickly. Be careful around TNT too, for obvious reasons.

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