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How to Get Red Jute in Valheim

Get red curtains or die trying

by Daphne Fama
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You know what your house in Valheim needs? Red jute carpet. Then, maybe, some red jute carpets to match. And while we’re slapping this sturdy, rough fabric around, why not craft some Mistletoe and a Yule wreath to boot?

If filling your house with a variety of jute heavy items is your goal, you’re going to need to start farming this material. But where can you find Red Jute in Valheim?

How to Get Red Jute in Valheim

Red Jute is a crafting material that you can stack up to 50 times. Which is great if you’re thinking of making 12-and-a-half Red Jute Carpets.  

But Red Jute is only dropped by one enemy: the Cultist. Cultists are aggressive enemies that skulk around the Mountain biomes, preferring the Frost Caves to any other place. They’re defined by their almost Red Riding Hood-like appearance, as they’ve furry bodies and wolf heads but only wear Red Cloaks. Cloaks that happened to be made of Red Jute, actually.

Killing a Cultist will drop 1-2 Red Jute, and there’s even a 10% chance you’ll get a Cultist Trophy out of it, too. Don’t you want a wolf’s head? While fighting it, prioritize Poison attacks, as the Cultist has a 1.5x weakness to it.

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Unfortunately, the Cultist is a rare spawn, so it might be a while before you have enough material to craft the Red Jute item of your dreams. But if you find yourself getting bored hunting down Cultists or prefer a less violent approach, you can also get Red Jute from destroying curtains in the Mountain Biome in the Frost Caverns.

And while you’re there, be sure to watch out for Stone Golems. They’re rare, but they do appear in the Frost Cavern, particularly around the abandoned cabins or anywhere particularly high up. They have 800 health and can absolutely devastate you. And I don’t think Red Jute is worth that.

Good luck!

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