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How to Get Randy’s Throwing Knife in Destiny 2

"On me, team; I'm capturing the third point!" —Randy, upon receiving orders not to

by Daphne Fama

Do you like shooting people? What about shooting them at a distance with precision? If you do, you might want to consider picking up Randy’s Throwing Knife. Here’s how to get Randy’s Throwing Knife in Destiny 2.

How to Get Randy’s Throwing Knife in Destiny 2

Despite its name, Randy’s Throwing Knife isn’t a knife at all. It’s a legendary kinetic scout rifle and the only thing it throws is bullets. It also happens to have a Rapid-Fire Frame, which gives it the capability of firing full auto with deeper ammo reserves and faster reload speed when it’s empty. You know, so it can throw bullets faster.

Randy’s Throwing Knife has been in Destiny 2’s archives for quite some time, and previously you could obtain it by completing the Reconnaissance by Fire quest. But now, Guardians will have a much easier way of getting their hands on it… if they happen to like Crucible.

In Season 21, Randy’s Throwing Knife will be hitting the Crucible loot pool, meaning you can grab it from completing matches or from rank-up engrams from Lord Shaxx.

But is it worth the grind?

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In the past, Randy’s Throwing Knife has been a perfectly respectable scout rifle in PvE and PvP, offering decent perks in the way of Kill Clip and Zen Moment. But in Season 21, it’s rumored that Randy’s Throwing Knife will be getting a little extra love, which likely means more perks and more versatility.

Because of this, it’s hard to give a definite answer on what Randy’s Throwing Knife’s God Roll will be. Either way, veteran Guardians are excited to see this gun return to the loot pool.

While you wait for Season 21, be sure to break enough Barrier Guardians to hit level 7. It’s worth it, now that Guardian leveling is being reworked: Best Places to Farm Barrier Champions in Destiny 2.

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