How to Get Primed Flow in Warframe

Infinite energy!

Dagath and her Spectral Horses in Warframe
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When it comes to crafting your build in Warframe, having the right mods is very important. Here’s how to get the Primed Flow mod in Warframe.

Where to Get Primed Flow in Warframe

The Primed Flow mod shows up exclusively for purchase from Baro Ki’Teer, who shows up every two weeks at a relay on the map. Once he’s at a relay (through which you’ll get a message in your inbox about), make your way over and talk to him to see his stock. With any luck, the Primed Flow mod will be available for 110,000 Credits and 350 Ducats.

Once you have the mod, you’ll need to upgrade it at the Mods kiosk in your Orbiter to 10 to get the full effect. This will cost a ton of Endo and Credits, so be ready to make quite the investment. At max rank, it will cost 14 Mod capacity, though can be lowered with a dash polarity in one of your frame’s mod slots.

Is the Primed Flow Mod Worth Using?

The Primed Flow mod provides a 185% increase to that frame’s energy capacity. This is compared to the increase given by the default Flow mod of 100%. This makes it exceptionally better if you’re playing a frame that benefits from having more energy or has a great way to generate energy. A great example of a frame with this is Dagath, who has a chance to severely increase the energy gained from an energy orb. Another great frame that can benefit from Primed Flow is Mesa, who constantly drains energy when using her fourth ability, Peacemaker.

Warframe is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for more help choosing whether to buy something from Baro, check out our guide on whether the Gotva Prime is worth buying in Warframe.

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