How to Get Preorder Bonus Parts in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

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Preorder Parts Armored Core 6
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Armored Core 6 is all about getting the right parts for your own AC, and new parts are hard to come by early in the game, but the preorder bonus parts can get your started on the right track. In this guide, I’ll go over exactly how you can get the preorder extras and where you can place them on your AC.

How to Equip the Melander Preorder Bonus Parts in AC6

To get the preorder bonus parts in Armored Core 6, you need to complete the first mission in the game and then head to the AC Garage where they automatically appear. When the game begins, you are thrown directly into the first mission, so there won’t be any confusion about where you are. Just follow the game, and after you beat the first boss, you will be brought to the main hub.

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The main hub in Armored Core 6 is the Garage. It holds both the AC Design section and the Sortie tab that serves as your mission select screen. For the Melander preorder bonus parts, you want to open up the AC Design section and select Assembly. This is where you will swap out any of the parts of you personal Armored Core.

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All Melander C3 Preorder Bonus Parts in AC6:

  • Head: HD-012 Melander C3
  • Core: BD-012 Melander C3
  • Arms: AR-012 Melander C3
  • Legs: LG-012 Melander C3

There are only four preorder bonus parts under the Melander C3 umbrella. You can find each one under the frame section of Assembly. The frame itself consists of the core, the legs, the arms, and the head. Open up each section of the frame and equip the Melander C3 parts. Altogether, they are a bit heavier than the default parts, but they are a good starting point.

On top of the parts, the preorder bonus in Armored Core 6 comes with an extra emblem and a decal. Like the parts, the decal can be found in Garage, but the decals are under their own section instead of Assembly.

Now that your AC is looking a little better, find out how you can unlock more parts in Armored Core 6.

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