How to Get Penetration Kills in MW3

Don't let cover stop you

Penetration Kills MW3
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One of the recurring camo challenges in Modern Warfare 3 tasks players with getting penetration kills in Multiplayer matches, which is much tougher than it sounds. However, there are some ways to speed up the process that I will cover for you in this guide.

How to Get Operator Penetration Kills in Modern Warfare 3

The best way to get penetration kills is by equipping Armor Piercing Rounds on your weapon in a custom loadout and shooting Operators through flimsy walls. On the Bruen MK9, for example, you can choose the 5.56 Armor Piercing Rounds with no negatives attached. They only increase bullet penetration by a massive amount and even add a bonus to vehicle damage.

Penetration Kills Camo MW3
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There are a few ammo types that will add bullet penetration damage effects, and the Nato Mono rounds with bullet velocity attached may look enticing. Don’t let the armor name throw you off, though. The Armor Piercing Rounds damage even more to enemies behind cover because that’s exactly what these are made for.

Now that the attachment is out of the way, the trickiest part of the Operator Penetration Kills is finding an Operator behind cover. Most of the walls in MW3 are actually reasonably thick, especially compared to the previous year of COD in Modern Warfare 2. You must play objective modes and watch for choke points with flimsy cover.

I chose to play Hardpoint to complete my challenges so that I knew where my targets were. The odds are that enemy players will be sitting behind boxes or doors on the point, which is exactly the kind of material you can shoot through. Suddenly, the match is just like shooting fish in a barrel, and the challenge is done.

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