How to Get on the Tower in Summit: COD Mobile

They'll never know what hit them.

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Summit is a fan-favorite multiplayer map that first made its debut in Black Ops, over a decade ago. This icy map is defined by how narrow it is, with severe drops on either side. There are also plenty of narrow gaps and pathways, making it an easy place to get spawn camped in, but there’s a way to avoid these corridors altogether.

You may have seen others on top of Summit Tower in COD: Mobile and wanted that piece of tactical high ground for yourself, but getting to that coveted position takes a little mechanical finagling. Ensure that you’re comfortable sprinting and jumping before you make the leap of faith.

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Once you’re confident in your abilities, make your way to the Guerilla Base, and avoid being killed as you enter Control Room 2. Climb up onto the control station that is opposite to the catwalk.

Giving yourself as much room as possible, sprint along the top of the console and jump towards the catwalk. If all goes well, you should vault over the rail and you’ll land on the catwalk.

Timing is essential for this maneuver. Not only to ensure that you hit your landing, but because the setup takes time. There’s a fairly decent chance an enemy will walk in on you while you’re preparing your takeoff and gun you down, so keep your ears open.

But once you’ve perfected this method, you’ve got one of this best vantage points Summit has to offer, and this positioning is particularly useful in game modes like Undead Siege.  

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