How to Get Odd Onions in Slime Rancher 2

That’s one confused-looking onion

Odd Onions in Slime Rancher 2 are certainly… odd. They don’t actually have a designated patch that players are able to discern when looking for them out in the wild. You can get lucky by finding them in the occasional pot or two, but by bringing them back to the base, you’ll find that although you were sure you input the Odd Onion into your farming area, you are left with… carrots?! Here’s how to get Odd Onions in Slime Rancher 2.

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How to find an Odd Onion in Slime Rancher 2

Odd Onions are a “rare” vegetable that you can find in Carrot Patches both when farming them back at the Conservatory and when trying to find them out in the wild. So, while these are great locations to try and spot them, it isn’t certain that you’ll come across one. The best you can hope to do is gather all of the carrots when coming across that area and regularly check back to see if there is an odd sprout growing. Yep, you’ll be able to actually see if the Odd Onion is growing without having to worry about nearby Slimes coming near it and eating the veggie before you’re ready to collect it. At most, all you’ll need is one to take back to your farm where you can plant it and just separate Odd Onions into your Silo to stack for later uses.

Location One – The Wilds Area

The majority of the Carrot patches are going to be found within the first area you enter. The savannah-like area is home to your basic Slimes with the occasional Ringtail you can see roaming at night. The first area is made up of two large arenas, while the first one may reveal the occasional tree and Heart Beets patch, you’ll want to head to the second largest area to find the Carrot patches. As mentioned before, there is no guarantee of finding Odd Onions in the soil, so it’s often a matter of getting lucky when coming across the patch or sucking up the Carrots to restart the soil for growing its next batch of vegetables. These first few batches can be found at ground level, so you don’t need to worry about trapezing around the map just yet. 

After taking the path that will lead you further west, there is yet another large open area with multiple vegetable patches that can be found all around, mainly around the pillar near the Water Spouts. There are a total of three to four patches of Carrots that can be found that have the option of turning up an Odd Onion. There is also another patch for Carrots just on the small hillside to the south of these patches that are mixed with the Heart Beet Patches.

Location Two – Lava Falls and the Cave

While there are a few spots along the beachside of Ember Valley, there really aren’t that many. There is one spot that is on the cliffside just in between sections of the beach where the pink corral begins to turn into the blue springs. The other locations for Carrot Patches and possibly Odd Onions are going to be in the Lava Fall Cave that you use to get from the Wild Areas, or the Beach to the Lava Falls without doing some sick parkour. In the main chamber, they will be on the lowest surface located near a pillar and plenty of slime spots, but there will be a few patches where you might be able to find a smoldering Odd Onion still alive.

The last spot is located just outside of the Oasis out in the Lava Falls. While there are plenty of trees out here, there are a few Carrot Patches in the last of the green-spotted areas of the maps.

Your best bet would be to circle around the Wild Areas between the northern Oasis and the Lava Falls since that is where the most veggie patches are to locate your Odd Onions, smashing any pots you can to get additional Onions. Then bring it back home where you can grow more, and even more Carrots on top of that.

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