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How to Get Nanofiber in Tower of Fantasy

Nanomachines, so-wait this isn't that game!

by Nikola L
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Nanofiber is one of the available materials that you can use to upgrade your character in Tower of Fantasy. Many players spend hours grinding for it as it’s widely regarded as one of the best resources in the game.

In this guide, Prima Games will tell you how to get Nanofiber in Tower of Fantasy, so that you too can join in on the grind.

Where to Farm Nanofiber in Tower of Fantasy

  • Dimensional Trials
  • Interstellar Exploration
  • Omnium Beacons
  • Random drops from (password) chests (RNG-based, might not yield the expected profits/loot)
  • Weapon Store Purchase (try to not use this method, you need the Black Gold for other things)

Dimensional Trials can be done with up to four people total (including you). You can resort to the system’s matchmaking, or you can form a premade with your friends. When the Dimensional Trial is complete, rewards are passed out to your team.

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Interstellar Exploration can be done either solo or with up to three other players. The goal is to defeat groups of enemies that are being sent your way. If you are successful with clearing the enemy waves, you’ll get rewards.

Omnium Beacon is a tricky method because it carries a risk with its usage. You need to deploy the Omnium Collector and wait an entire day for it to finish its collecting process. During this period, other players may disrupt this process and scoop up your profits. You would then be left with a significantly smaller portion of the projected loot, depending on how long the Collector has been working until the point where someone found it.

Password Chest II can be randomly found during your exploration of the world of Tower of Fantasy.

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To summarize, Dimensional Trials and Interstellar Explorations are the fastest and most secure ways to farm Nanofiber in Tower of Fantasy.

That’s it for this guide. Check out our Tower of Fantasy game tag below for more ToF content and guides!

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