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How to Get Nameless Midnight in Destiny 2

She's back and she's never been more beautiful

by Daphne Fama

I adore the Nameless Midnight. It was the first Scout Rifle I fell in love with, and after being sunset so many years ago, it’s returned in a big way in the Season of Defiance. Here’s how to get Nameless Midnight and its God Roll in Destiny 2.

How to Get Nameless Midnight in Destiny 2

Nameless Midnight isn’t the most gorgeous Scout Rifle out there, but as a Legendary Kinetic with a Precision Frame, it fits into most builds. And getting it is fairly straightforward.

This scout rifle is a confirmed drop from Vanguard playlist activities, including as rank emblem drops from Zavala himself. But I feel very confident that I obtained one while doing Neomuna activities. I say this because I had three and hadn’t touched Strikes until the day before reset. So, it’s possible you’ll find it either as a Neptune world drop, too.

 But once you have Nameless Midnight, what should you be looking for perk wise?

Nameless Midnight God Roll (2023)

With its triumphant return to Destiny 2, Nameless Midnight has received some buffs. And while it’s good in PvP, it’s fantastic in PvE in most playlist activities. But Nameless Midnight is hard to pin down a God Roll for. It has plenty of good perks and plenty of good perk combinations.

Outlaw and Rampage, Outlaw and Kill Clip, Perpetual Motion and Frenzy, for example, are all powerful (and fun!) builds. But the best God Roll will always be the roll that feels best in your hands, so experiment and see what you like.

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Until then, here’s the tried and true:

  • Basic Barrel → Arrowhead Brake. Recoil +21, Handling +10.
  • Basic Magazine → Accurized Rounds. Range +10.
  • Basic Trait 1 → Keep Away. Increased reload, range, and accuracy when no combatants are in close proximity.
  • Basic Trait 2 → Kinetic Tremors. Sustained kinetic damage to a target emits a shockwave that damages any nearby targets.

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