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How to Get More Ship Parts in Starfield

Treat your ship right, and it'll treat you right.

When you’re amid a heated dogfight in Starfield, and the enemy is doing a decent number on your ship, having the ability to repair it can help a ton. The trait Taskmaster can help immensely, but if you want something on the fly, having Ship Parts is almost necessary. Here’s how to get more Ship Parts in Starfield.

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Where to Find Ship Parts in Starfield

There are four separate ways to get more Ship Parts in Starfield:

  • Buying them from a merchant.
  • Looting them from enemy ships.
  • Finding and looting shipping containers.
  • Help out friendly ships under fire.
Starfield Jemison Mercantile Clerk
Image via Prima Games.

The easiest way, albeit the most expensive, is to buy Ship Parts from nearby vendors on planets or from other ships passing by. The easiest place to snag some is at Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis. It can be found by heading through the security checkpoint just beyond your ship, then heading to the left until you see the big JM symbol.

Starfield Spacer Hyena Cargo
Image via Prima Games.

If you don’t have the credits to spare for that sort of thing, then your next best option is to loot the enemy ships you destroy. When looting, there’s a chance their inventory will contain Ship Parts, which get transferred directly to your ship’s Cargo Bay. To access it, you can find a kiosk on the left side of your ship’s cockpit.

You can also find Ship Parts in the floating Shipping Containers that can be seen orbiting around many planets and moons. Simply travel from planet to planet and use your scanner to detect any nearby shipping containers. They can hold up to 3 Ship Parts each!

Starfield Freestar Sec Ranger
Image via Prima Games.

The final way is slightly related to the previous method, though not exactly. If you find a ship under attack by hostiles, you can help them out by defeating the enemy ships and saving their life. When they hail you, they’ll want to repay you in a few different ways. Selecting “I could use some extra repair parts.” will, you guessed it, score you some free Ship Parts. You can also get some credits if you don’t need any and would rather spend your well-earned cash.

How to Repair Your Ship in Starfield

Once you have Ship Parts available, you’ll be able to repair your ship while in combat. Once you’ve taken Hull Damage, press the O key on a keyboard or press down on the Right Stick on your controller to begin repairing the ship. If you press it multiple times, it’ll use an additional Ship Part for each press, though it will repair your ship much faster. This can be extra useful if you’re currently in combat.

If your repairs are a little less urgent, you can visit a Ship Services Technician and spend 1000 Credits to repair your ship. This costs Credits, of course, but it lets you save those Ship Parts for when you need them.

Ship Services Technician Locations in Starfield

Starfield Ship Services Technician
Image via Prima Games.

Ship Services Technicians are pretty easy to come by, with one in the spaceports of New Atlantis, Akila City, and Neon. If you don’t feel like visiting those cities though, here are some other popular locations with Technicians:

  • Paradiso (Porrima II, Porrima system)
  • Cydonia (Mars, Sol system)
  • HopeTown (Polvo, Valo system)

If you’re looking for other ways you can manage your ship, check out our guide on how to change your Crew members in Starfield.

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