How to Get More Ship Fuel in Starfield

To infinity an- damnit, I'm out of fuel again.

Starfield Space Travel
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Upgrading your ship in Starfield is going to do you wonders even outside of combat. Upgrading or adding some additional engines can make all the difference, for example, allowing you to keep up with your foes during intense battles. One mechanic that starts to matter for longer exploration is ship fuel, and how you improve it is a little confusing. Here’s how to get more ship fuel in Starfield.

How to Improve Your Ship’s Fuel Capacity in Starfield

Starfield Fuel Tank
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There are a few ways that you can increase your ship fuel in Starfield, both literally and figuratively. Starting with the literal way, you can increase your ship fuel by buying better fuel tanks. The better the Fuel Tank you have, the further you can go through space. You can also buy additional fuel tanks to plant on your ship, since the increase is additive.

Starfield Astrodynamics Skill
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You can also get more fuel in Starfield with the Astrodynamics skill under the Science skill tree. This skill can help increase Grav Jump range and reduce the fuel cost of Grav Jumping. The upgrades for each rank are as follows:

  • Rank 1: Increase grav jump range of jump drives by 15%
  • Rank 2: Reduced fuel cost of jump drives by 15%
  • Rank 3: Increased grav jump range and reduced fuel cost of jump drives by 30%
  • Rank 4: Reduced fuel cost of jump drives by 50%

While I’d argue that nothing beyond Rank 2 is necessary, getting any higher ranks in the Astrodynamics skill means you’ll be able to go farther while sporting less Fuel Tanks. This in turn reduces ship Mass and increases Mobility.

What is the Best Fuel Tank in Starfield?

Starfield 900T He3 Tank
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While there’s a lot more to selecting a Fuel Tank than pure fuel, the best one for volume is the 900T He3 Tank. It can be purchased from any Ship Services Technician and sports a staggering 650 fuel. When combined with Rank 2 in the Astrodynamics skill, it’ll be extremely rare for your ship to run low on fuel.

Why Should You Increase Your Grav Drive Fuel in Starfield?

So, in truth, increasing your ship fuel isn’t mandatory to do whatever you want in Starfield. You can Grav Jump wherever you’d like to without it, no problem. Fuel also regenerates upon jumping to another system, so it won’t dictate how long you can spend in the stars. With that being said, you’ll have to make multiple jumps, which can be pretty annoying after a while, and with enemies possibly spawning when you jump into a system, the annoyance piles up. As such, it’s good to have at least enough fuel to reduce it to two total jumps when possible.

If you’re looking for more ways to work on your ship, check out our guide on how to upgrade your ship in Starfield.

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