How to Get More Pulse Cells in Lies of P

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Instead of drinking a suspicious medicinal orange drink, you heal in Lies of P by giving yourself a quick shock treatment by smashing a Pulse Cell with your bare hands. Puppets are just built differently. Literally. But the more you dive into the mysterious city of Krat, the more you’ll need those emergency medicinal packs to survive. Here’s how you can get more Pulse Cells in Lies of P.

Where to Get Pulse Cells in Lies of P

Extra Pulse Cell charges are obtained through two different methods: by obtaining them naturally throughout the story or by activating the respective nods in the P-Organ. You start the game with three of them, and they are automatically recharged as soon as you touch a Stargazer. During two specific occasions (both in the first half of the game), you get free extra charges:

  • After defeating the Mad Dunkey boss in Chapter II;
  • After beating the Chapter VI boss and heading to the Grand Exhibition for the first time.

These two charges are automatically given to you on these occasions, but if you want to get more of these, you’ll have to start working on your P-Organ. You can use the Quartz you got from defeating powerful enemies, from elite monsters to actual bosses, to immediately increase the maximum amount of Pulse Cells you can hold at once. In the P-Organ, you can find:

  • Two Main Phase upgrades in Phase 1 and Phase 2 (require 2 Quartz each to get),
  • Three slot upgrades at Phases 3, 4 and 5.
Lies of P Pulse Cells P Organ
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If you unlocked Phase 5, you can use a slot upgrade from it to activate a Main Upgrade from any other previous Phase, so you don’t necessarily need to equip Phase 5 slots into Phase 5 Main Upgrades. You’re free to build your lying human-puppet hybrid in any way you want. You only get access to the P-Organ upgrades after beating the Scrapped Watchman in Chapter III.

The P-Organ also has other bonuses that help you recover faster from your wounds, such as automatically charging a Pulse Cell after you used the last one or increasing the health you recover from them. Leveling up vitality also helps in surviving, if you’re really needing a bit of that.

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