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In Starfield, having a Crew set up on either your ship or an outpost is important to your success, as each Crew member can provide some helpful bonuses. Sarah Morgan, for example, can provide some helpful bonuses to the Astrodynamics skill under the Science skill tree, which affects the distance you can travel. With that in mind, the more Crew members you have, the better. Here’s how to get more Crew slots in Starfield.

How to Assign More Crew to Your Ship in Starfield

Starfield Reactors
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The method for getting more Crew slots in Starfield heavily depends on whether you’re getting more for your ship or outpost. Since your ship is likely to be where you want more Crew members, we’ll start there. To add more Crew slots, you’ll want to speak to a Ship Services Technician. They can be found in most major settlements, though the easiest one to find is immediately adjacent to your ship in New Atlantis. Once there, select the option “I’d like to view and modify my ships.”.

Select the ship you want to add more Crew slots to, then open up the Ship Builder menu using the listed key at the bottom of the screen. Press the Add key, and you’ll be able to swap out parts that increase Crew Capacity. There are quite a few ship parts that can add both Crew Capacity and Crew Stations, including the following:

  • Cockpits
  • Engines
  • Habs
  • Reactors
  • Weapons

Reactors provide a flat one, two, or three Crew Capacity based on Reactor Class A, B, and C respectively. Engines will give 0.25 Crew Capacity for each engine you have, while Weapons will give 0.5 Crew Capacity each. As for Habs and Cockpits, these will vary depending on the ship piece.

With that, you may be wondering why some other ship pieces also increase Crew Capacity. These don’t change no matter which ship piece you possess, so you have these values on a ship by default.

Best Ship Parts to Increase Crew Size

Starfield DS30.x Ares Bridge
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While you can see the increase certain ship parts provide to Crew Capacity, there are some ship parts that clearly provide more Crew Capacity than others. Here are just a few of those parts and where to get them:


Certain ship parts here require levels in the Piloting and Starship Design skills, located under the Tech tree.

  • Kon-Tiki B-500/600 Bridge (six Crew Stations, found at the Stroud-Eklund Staryard in the Naron system)
  • DS30.x Ares Bridge (eight Crew Stations, found at the Deimos Staryard in the Sol system)
  • Control Station Hab for Any Manufacturer (four Crew Stations)

How to Get More Crew Slots for Your Outpost in Starfield

Starfield Crew Station
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As for the outpost side of things, you’ll want to construct Crew Stations to increase the crew size. These are found in the Outpost’s Build Mode under the Miscellaneous tab, and require the following materials to build:

  • 5x Aluminum
  • 2x Iron
  • 3x Nickel

You can have a maximum of three Crew Stations, totaling out to a max of six active Crew members in an outpost (outside of skills). You can build multiple outposts of course, so you can have a lot of Crew members stationed. You probably don’t need more than one outpost though.

How to Increase Crew Size Through Skills

Starfield Ship Command Skill
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There’s one skill in particular that increases the size of your Crew. This is the Ship Command skill, found as a Tier 4 Skill in the Social Tree (requires 12 points invested in the tree to unlock). The base level increases your max Crew members by four, while the following ranks increase that maximum to five, six, and finally eight.

If you’re working on more things related to your Crew, check out our guide on the companion Marika Boros and how she can make a good member of your Crew.

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