How to Get Lynel Guts in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Got any Lynel guts?

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While there are plenty of different monster parts to collect throughout Hyrule, Lynel guts are one of the most important for fully upgrading armor. This elusive part can be difficult to get, so keep reading to save yourself time and learn how to get Lynel guts in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Get Lynel Guts in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Lynel guts in Tears of the Kingdom
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The best way to obtain Lynel guts is by defeating silver maned Lynels. They are the strongest, and, therefore, the most challenging to defeat. Consequently, they tend to yield the best loot and are nearly guaranteed to drop Lynel guts, alongside other valuable materials.

White and blue-maned Lynels, are not as formidable as their silver-maned counterparts and offer the next best option for acquiring Lynel guts. However, guts aren’t a guaranteed drop with these Lynels.

As for the normal, red-maned Lynels, they have the lowest chance of dropping Lynel guts. Despite this, it’s still important to take down these Lynels when you’re farming for guts. Keep in mind that after the Blood Moon, the defeated Lynels will return, often stronger than before, giving you another chance at defeating a stronger Lynel for better drops.

Where to Find Lynels

Lynels can be found in wide open areas, usually by themselves, on the surface, and in the Depths. Since they’re so spread out, it can take a lot of traveling in order to get to each monster. However, there are a few areas with Lynels relatively closer together. The closest Lynels can be found near the Lanayru Wetlands. Start by defeating the blue-maned Lynel close to O-ogim Shrine, then head north to the silver-maned Lynel on Rabia Plain. After that, head north again and defeat the blue-maned Lynel in the Wetlands.

How to Use Lynel Guts

You can use Lynel guts to make elixirs or at a Great Fairy Fountain to upgrade your armor. While not every armor needs it, it is key in the Radiant armor set, the Soldier’s armor set, and the Fierce Diety set.

If you’re already hunting them, then you may want to know how to defeat Lynels or maybe you’re looking for the Lynel mask which can help you get closer to them without being attacked.

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