How to Get Luxury Balls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Money CAN buy friendship.

Scarlet and Violet Luxury Balls

It’s always a good choice to keep having a good friendship with your Pokemon. As long as you keep taking good care of them, they’ll do the same for you and may even evolve along the way due to it, just like friendships in real life! Okay, that last part may not be accurate, but having good Friendship numbers is always important, and one of the best ways to do it is by catching Pokemon using the Luxury Balls. Here’s where you can find them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Where to Find Luxury Balls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As usual with the games, Luxury Balls can be obtained through the Poke Marts scattered around Paldea, which are named Delibird Presents. The first one’s available right at the entrance of Mesagoza, and it offers those fancy balls for the not-so-friendly price of 3000 Poke Dollars. Yeah, making friends is very expensive.

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But they won’t be available as soon as you start the game, and you need to complete a few Gyms before they’re sold. Every Delibird Presents store you find across the region will offer you those special Balls, so don’t worry if you’re running low on them as there’ll always be somewhere in which you can restock them. 

They have the same catch rate as regular Poke Balls, but not only they are prettier but also double every Friendship point earned by the captured Pokemon. Since Friendship increases naturally by playing the game normally, leveling your partner, and not letting him faint, don’t feel pressured to spend so much money on those special Pokeballs unless you’re going for a Pokemon that only evolves with certain Friendship levels (such as Espeon or Umbreon) or if you really like their design. It’s sick as hell.

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