How to Get Lubricant in Starfield

Slip and slide.

How to Get Lubricant in Starfield

There’s nothing worse than moving something around only to hear squeaking or grinding because of friction. The sounds are difficult on the ears and can even pose a potential hazard if the friction causes overheating. Since your Starfield character already knows this, they know to use lubricant in several crafting recipes, so you’ll have to go out and gather some. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to get lubricant in Starfield.

Where to Find Lubricant in Starfield

There are three main ways to get lubricant in Starfield:

  • Buy from vendors
  • Harvest from flora and fauna on various planets
  • Random drop from storage containers

Visiting stores like Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis and purchasing lubricant is the easiest way to get the resource if you have the credits to afford it. Fortunately, a few units usually won’t break your bank, but the cost will add up if you buy in bulk.

Lubricant in Shop Menu Starfield
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Regardless, several major settlement vendors sell resources such as lubricant; however, you may have to wait outside for up to 24 hours in-game time to refresh the shop’s stock if it doesn’t appear right away.

To save money, you can also explore planets to find some from flora. As you scan various plants, you’ll see the resource they provide after reaching 25 percent progress. Once you find one that gives lubricant, search for as many of that plant as possible and harvest all its materials.

Along the way, search any storage containers you find in abandoned farms, outposts, and other old settlements. While the items in these are randomized, there’s a chance you’ll encounter lubricant and other helpful resources, so it’s always worth checking them just in case.

What Is Lubricant Used for in Starfield?

Lubricant is an exotic organic resource for various crafting recipes and research projects. More specifically, you’ll often require lubricant for weaponry research and mods. If your goal is to make your weapons as powerful as possible, use plenty of lubricant (oil, most likely) to reduce friction and keep your character safe.

Starfield Lubricant in Research Project
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