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Sealant Starfield
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It takes a while to get going on your crafting in Starfield, but as you research more items around the galaxy, you’re going to need all kinds of supplies like Sealant. The good news is Sealant is fairly common in every system, but if you don’t know where to look, the process only gets longer.

Where to Find Sealant in Starfield

I was able to find six Sealant items in the Abandoned Mine on Planet Niira. The planet is located in the Narion System and is tied to the “Into the Unknown” main story quest. When you go inside the Abandoned Mine, there are all kinds of small tables and containers with crafting materials, including Sealant in this case.

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Niira is a very specific location for Sealant, but that doesn’t mean you always need specifics. As a commonly found organic resource, you can search nearly anywhere. Tons of vendors, including Wen Tseng in New Atlantis, will sell the resource. And if you want to save some Credits, just harvest plants or ransack every POI you find.

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Sealant appears as a small brown container all around the galaxy. On numerous occasions in Starfield, I found two or three just sitting on top of a table or hidden within a locker. Compared to all the other materials, you usually don’t need to worry about collecting this organic resource.

In general, Sealant is fairly cheap due to how common the resource truly is. If you manage to find some at a vendor, they go for five credits each. With that in mind, don’t worry too much about ever running out of your adhesives. You’ll be burning through them as you keep building.

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