How to Get Loaded Question (Adept) and its God Roll in Destiny 2

Aim at the sky, kill a guy around the corner

Sorry, Glacioclasm, Loaded Question Adept might be better than you in every way. Here’s how to get the Loaded Question Adept in Destiny 2.

How to Get Loaded Question Adept and its God Roll in Destiny 2

Loaded Question (Adept) can only be found in one way – by completing Grandmaster Nightfalls in Destiny 2 while it’s part of the rotation.

While Nightfalls have its own loot pool of weapons, the Grandmaster Nightfall showcases weekly weapons exclusive to the end-game activity. Completing the Grandmaster Nightfall doesn’t guarantee that the Loaded Question Adept will drop.

Instead, the higher your score, the more likely you’ll see that weapon pop up on the right hand of your screen once you’ve conquered the final boss.

Your score in Nightfalls is calculated by adding up the scores of you and your fireteam. You get points by killing enemies and using your Super. The more challenging an enemy, the more points you get. This is why killing every Champion you come across is necessary to get the highest score possible.

Loaded Question (Adept) God Roll in Destiny 2

While Fusion Rifles certainly have their place when it comes to burning end-game boss health bars, Loaded Question (Adept) really shines in PvP for two reasons. It’s capable of one-shotting enemies, and the aim assist is so high that even wild shots can sometimes lock in on an enemy as you slide around the map.

Loaded Question (Adept) is so good it gives the much beloved Glacioclasm a run for its money. All of its stats are high, making it one of the best all-around high-impact fusion rifles. But accuracy is really where you want to focus when building this gun.

Loaded Question benefits from a perk pool with plenty of accuracy-enhancing buffs and the capability of running Adept Mods.

Unfortunately, despite all its benefits, Loaded Question (Adept) is still a high-impact fusion rifle. This means it suffers a slight delay when the trigger is pulled. But if you can work around that, get ready to delete the red team.

BarrelExtended Barrel. Increases range. Decreases handling speed. Moderately controls recoil.

Battery Projection Fuse. Increases range.

Trait 1 Under Pressure. Linearly grants the following benefits as the Magazine drops from 50% capacity to empty: 12.5% to 25% decreased accuracy cone size. Linearly grants up to 30~ Stability.

Trait 2 Eye of the Storm. Linearly grants up to 30 Handling, -40% accuracy cone size, and -17% accuracy cone growth as health decreases below 156 HP.

Master Work – Range.

Weapon Mod – Adept Targeting.

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