How to Get Lifmunk Effigy in Palworld

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Palworld Lifmunk Effigy
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As you travel around Palworld’s environment and discover new Pals, you’ll quickly notice that some are challenging to catch, even if you’re the same or higher level than them. Let’s talk about how to find Lifmunk Effigy so you can improve your catch strength.

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How to Get Lifmunk Effigy in Palworld

Lifmunk Effigy appears as a green statue in the wild that you can collect. Their spawn locations range from out in the open to hiding behind and inside structures. The tops of them are in the shape of a Lifmunk Pal sitting atop a stone cube, and upon interacting with the statue, the platform will remain, indicating that you’ve picked up that Effigy.

Below are a few examples of locations where I found Lifmunk Effigies during my playthrough:

  1. On some boulders next to a pond at coordinates (231, -497).
  2. Inside a stone building at coordinates (160, -467).
  3. North of the river at coordinates (172, -450).
  4. On the beach near the Penking boss at coordinates (94, -306).

These are a few of the many Effigies you’ll have to find around Palworld to max out your catching power. After experimenting on various worlds, I can confirm that these are static locations, meaning you’ll likely spot them in these exact spots, too.


The easiest way to find Lifmunk Effigies is to take to the skies on a flying mount and look for the effigies from up above. The Lifmunk Effigies have a green glow that’s easy to spot from afar, especially when searching at night. You’ll first unlock a flying mount at level 15, at which point you can spend two Technology Points to access Nitewing’s Saddle and fly around on the back of a Nitewing as long as you have one in your party.

There’s a total of around 322 Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld, and to collect them all, you’ll need to check every nook and cranny as you traverse the world. For the most part, these effigies seem to be clustered close together, especially around the vast middle area of the map. If you’d like a full list of all Lifmunk Effigies, we recommend checking out the interactive Palworld Mapgenie, which lists out all Lifmunk Effigies that can be found in Palworld.

Where to Use Lifmunk Effigy in Palworld

You can use Lifmunk Effigy at Statues of Power to improve your Pal capture power. You can enhance your capture power up to ten times, requiring more Lifmunk Effigies to complete each level.

In other words, if you want to improve your odds of catching high-level Pals, you’ll need to invest in these Statues of Power and use powerful Pal Spheres. While the beginning levels only require a few Lifmunk Effigies, this amount increases as you advance through the tiers.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on a few Lifmunk Effigies, go to any Statue of Power or build one in your base before entering the Enhance Player Stats menu. Here, you can check how many Effigies you have, how many more you need for your next upgrade, and how close you are to maxing your stats.

Where to Find Statues of Power in Palworld

Statues of Power occasionally appear throughout the world. The first one I found is at the Desolate Church at coordinates (63, -415). Although traveling into the wild to upgrade your character isn’t always ideal, it’s useful if you don’t want to return to your base and are conveniently near a statue.

Palworld Desolate Church and Statue of Power
Screenshot by Prima Games

Alternatively, you can build your own Statue of Power in your base to make things easier.

How to Build a Statue of Power at Your Base

Building a Statue of Power requires unlocking its technology node at level six before using ten Paldium Fragments and 20 stones to place one down in your base. From here, head into your build menu and place it to have a statue nearby. This version of the Statue of Power behaves identically to ones you find in the wild so you won’t lose out on any features.

Furthermore, if you want to expand your base or change where you placed the statue, you can disassemble structures through the build menu and place it elsewhere. Disassembling refunds your resources, so you won’t have to worry about losing everything.

To learn more about the game, check out how much Palworld costs, or click the tag below to browse our growing article list.

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