How to Get and Use Paldium Fragment in Palworld

It's time to start your Paldium farming journey

Paldium Fragment Palworld
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Paldium fragments in Palworld are as crucial as resources like stone, wood, and ore, making it very important to learn where to find some. Let’s talk about where you can find some Paldium fragments to make some Pal Spheres and catch some pals.

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Where to Find Paldium Fragment in Palworld

You can find Paldium fragments in Paldium ore nodes, which appear around the map as grey and blue rocks. Each rock spawns five Paldium fragments and appears in abundance, allowing you to farm this resource easily early in your playthrough.

Since they’re an essential early-game resource, you can find them just about anywhere on the map, particularly near your initial spawn location. They appear as dark grey rocks with blue veins along their surface and are much smaller than regular rocks. You can damage them with your fists, but using a stone pickaxe or better will help you gather Paldium fragments much more quickly.

Alternatively, you can occasionally find some in regular rocks. You and your Pals can obtain a few Paldium fragments for every stone you break, albeit less than when you destroy Paldium ore nodes.

In other words, even if you’re away from your base, your Pals can passively gather some of this resource.

How to Use Paldium Fragment in Palworld

Paldium fragments are a common crafting material in numerous recipes, from Pal Spheres to shields and buildings. One of its most important uses is creating Pal Spheres, which all require Paldium fragments. Be prepared to farm plenty of this resource, as you’ll use numerous spheres throughout your playthrough to catch Pals.

You’ll also frequently use them to build structures such as the Palbox, Pal Gear Workbench, and the Statue of Power, among many others, so make sure you gather some throughout your playthrough to have enough on hand for when you need it.

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