How to Get Kills While ADS and Fully Loaded in MW3

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Fully Loaded Challenge MW3
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There are plenty of obscure camo challenges in Modern Warfare 3, including the task to get ADS kills while Fully Loaded. The wording makes no sense, but once you know how the challenge works, earning the kills is an absolute breeze.

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How to Get Fully Loaded Kills While ADS in MW3

To get kills while ADS and Fully Loaded, you need to be using a weapon that has all five attachment slots filled. Then you need to earn your kills while aiming down sights. If you have a custom weapon with all five slots and you’re taking advantage of ADS, then earning the kills you need in MW3 will be as easy as any other challenge.

When the game launched, the Fully Loaded challenge meant earning kills with a full magazine. On weapons that aren’t snipers or marksman rifles, that’s nearly impossible outside of hardcore matches. After continuous post-launch updates to Modern Warfare 3, this challenge has been turned into one that is much simpler.

One of the weapons that requires Fully Loaded is the MTZ-762. You won’t have to worry about not having enough attachment slots because the challenge is tied to the Forged camo tier. That means you already have to have every battle rifle at max level and with a gold skin. So, when you reach Forged, the task is easy.

Of course, the grind doesn’t stop at Forged for any of these weapons. You eventually need to finish all the Priceless camo challenges as well before you can claim Interstellar as the final reward. Along the way, there are plenty of challenges to make you question your time in MW3. But it’s all worth it for that final Interstellar camo.

One of the most annoying challenges is getting kills on Operators affected by your tactical, so don’t wait too long to complete it.

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