How to Easily Get Kills on Operators Affected by Your Tactical in MW3

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Tactical Kills MW3
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Many of the camo challenges are simpler than ever in Modern Warfare 3, but some tasks like “get kills on Operators affected by your Tacticals” can be incredibly frustrating. To make sure you get through the submachine gun challenges without any speedbumps, I’m here to help you easily get these eliminations.

How to Get Kills on Operators Affected by Your Tactical in MW3

The best way to get kills on Operators affected by your Tacticals is to use Flash Grenades, Stuns, or Tear Gas on enemies before you shoot them. There are a ton of different Tacticals that you can use in Modern Warfare 3, but they won’t all help you gain camo progress. When you throw your equipment out, it needs to affect the enemy in a negative way. So items like the Snapshot Grenade or the Smoke Grenade aren’t going to help.

Operator Kills with Tactical Affects
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I highly recommend using Tear Gas or Flash Grenades because of the duration and radius of effect that they offer. Tear Gas specifically has a much longer active duration than the other Tacticals in the game and it stays in the area for a decent amount of time. Just throw the Flash or the Gas out and shoot any enemies that were in range when you see the hitmarker on your screen.

For the best mode to get kills on Operators affected by your Tactical, I recommend playing Hardpoint. You can easily predict enemy path patterns and spawns in this mode and players tend to actually run to the objective. Any time you see the point turn red, just chuck your Tactical and then kill any Operators in the area.

One final addition I would make to help with the challenge is the Tac Mask perk in the Gear slot. It won’t help much, but you may be able to stop some of the effects of missed Tactical equipment as you attempt to complete the challenge. Also using a Vest that gives you double equipment is the fastest way to get kills on Operators affected by your Tacticals in MW3.

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