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How to Get Keldeo in Pokémon GO – Mythic Blade

The first Mythical of the season.

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Mythical Wishes is the name of the latest Pokémon GO season and most Trainers could have guessed we would get some Mythical appearances sooner rather than later. Keldeo is the first Mythical that will appear this season and there is an entire weekend dedicated to the colt.

However, you won’t simply be able to catch the Colt Pokémon by walking around the wild and hoping for the best. Instead, this will be much more similar to Shaymin from the Season of GO. We’ll go over how you can catch Keldeo yourself within Pokémon GO and when it’s possible.

Pokémon GO – How to Catch Keldeo

To get your own Colt Pokémon, you’ll need to participate in the Mythic Blade event that went live on December 6. But more specifically, an enhanced version of the event begins on December 10 and runs until late December 11. Ensuring you log into the game during these times is integral to catching Keldeo in Pokémon.

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Logging into the game won’t be enough though. Keldeo is tied to a Special Research story called “Something Extraordinary” that will last indefinitely as long as you claim it over that weekend. To access the Special Research, you’ll have to throw down some real money because the main event is not free. It’s unfortunately fairly expensive in comparison to other events at $8 for the Mythic Blade event ticket.

The ticket will give you a good amount of bonuses such as Rare Candies, Incubators, avatar items, and more. Whether that’s worth the price point is up to you as a Pokémon GO Trainer, but you’ll need the ticket to access the research and Keldeo as a final reward.

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