How to Get Jurassic Green in Destiny 2: God Roll Guide

Resurrecting a dinosaur


With Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost, we also got the return of the Jurassic Green pulse rifle. However, it hasn’t returned completely unchanged; it now has a new paint job and a slightly updated perk pool. So, how do you get Jurrasic Green, and what is the best combination of perks available for it in Destiny 2?

How to Get Jurrasic Green in Destiny 2

To ensure a quick and easy drop of Jurrasic Green, you must first unlock the event card from Eva Levante by completing steps in the Classic Carving quest. Once you have the event card and its challenges, you will find one called Third Shot’s the Charm, which guarantees a drop of Jurrasic Green.

To complete Third Shot’s the Charm, you must get kills with pulse rifles. You must use a pulse rifle to accrue 500 kills in PVE, though PVP kills will reward faster progress. Once this is done, head into the Event Card and complete the triumph to pick up a Jurassic Green. 

You can get further rolls of Jurassic Green by completing Haunted Lost Sectors, which have a high chance of dropping the weapon. You can also get rare Eerie Engrams in the activity, which can be focused into Jurassic Green by visiting Eva Levante. Finally, you can spend Candy to get Epic Mystery Grab Bags from Eva, which is less likely to contain the weapon. 

Jurassic Green God Roll in Destiny 2

The best roll for Jurassic Green has not changed much since the last time it was introduced, with the Solar pulse rifle having plenty of options, so here is one of the best:

Barrel: Arrowhead Brake

Magazine: Accurized Rounds

Perk: Subsistence

Perk: Incandescent

Incandescent is an excellent weapon for burning down swarms of enemies, as each explosion you create can chain into other enemies. When incandescent is combined with Subsistence, you can maintain plenty of rounds in your magazine while chewing through minor foes. 

So now you know how to get Jurassic Green and its best rolls. Why not find out how to get Spectral Pages and quickly progress through the Event Title?

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