Goron Spice in Tears of the Kingdom TOTK

How to Get Goron Spice in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Spice up your life!

Who here enjoys cooking in Tears of the Kingdom? In all honesty, I love it a lot, especially when I find a new ingredient and mix it with a bunch of random foods. Sometimes it turns out great, while other times, it’s a slight disaster. Nonetheless, when you add some spices to the cooking pot, it’ll often improve the dish as it would in real life. If you are curious, continue reading to discover how to get Goron Spice in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to Find Goron Spice in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

You can purchase Goron Spices at the General Store in Goron City. The shop’s coordinates are (1675, 2459, 0384). Once you enter the store, you will spot various items on the shelves, including the Goron Spice just past the Cane Sugar. You can buy up to three spice bottles for 16 rupees each.

TOTK Goron City General Store Location for Goron Spice
Goron City General Store location for buying Goron Spice!

If you are unfamiliar with Goron City or need a quick refresher on how to get there, be sure to check out where Goron City is in Tears of the Kingdom.

Since Goron Spice at the general store has a buy limit of three, you won’t be able to toss all your rupees at the shop clerk and stockpile dozens of bottles right away. Fortunately, one way around this is to buy the spice, teleport to a nearby stable, and rest at a fire overnight before returning and repeating the process. I recently did this for fire fruit at the same general store but confirmed that it also works for Goron Spice.

Goron Spice General Store Price in TOTK

Alternatively, if you prefer traveling through the western half of Hyrule as I do, you can head to Tabantha Bridge Stable and look for Yammo, the traveling merchant. However, since Yammo has a long travel range, spanning from around Tabantha Bridge to New Serenne Stable, this method is inconsistent unless you get lucky and encounter her during your travels.

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What is Goron Spice Used For in Tears of the Kingdom?

Since Goron Spice is a cooking ingredient, you’ll want to use it to spice up your dishes! Below are some examples I’ve tried out during my cooking adventures in TOTK:

  • Hylian Shroom + Goron Spice: Fragrant Mushroom Sauté
  • Raw Meat + Goron Spice: Spiced Meat Skewer
  • Goron Spice + Hylian Rice + Vegetables: Vegetable Curry
  • Goron Spice + Warm Safflina: Spicy Herb Sauté

For some added fun, I also tried mixing Goron Spice with acorns. It didn’t go well, and I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

TOTK Cooking with Goron Spice

While the spice itself doesn’t add any status effects to your food, you can combine it with other ingredients to strengthen their bonuses. With the Spicy Herb Sauté, I created before, a cold-resistant dish that would normally last around three minutes bumped up to four thanks to the Goron Spice!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available to play on Nintendo Switch. To learn more about the game, check out where to find Cool Safflina in Tears of the Kingdom, or click the tag below to explore our complete TOTK content list!

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