How to Get Golden River Camo in MW3

Good luck getting those sniper kills

Collecting gun camos is a way of life, and the Golden River Camo is a great goal to set your sights on. Here’s how to get the Golden River Camo in Modern Warfare 3.

How to Get Golden River Camo in MW3

Call of Duty has no shortage of camos to wrap your guns in, and some quite take a bit of time and grinding. That’s certainly the case with the Golden River Camo, which can be unlocked by completing all four Weekly Challenges in MW3.

To further clarify, you’ll need to complete all of November’s weekly challenges (and one week of December’s) to unlock the Golden River camo.

And yes, that includes the Zombies Weekly Challenges!

For week 1, that means completing all the following challenges:

  • Kill 5 Operators Who Killed You, with a recommended weapon.
  • Get 20 Operator Kills with a Silenced Recommended Assault Rifle.
  • Get 10 Operator Sliding Kills with a Recommended Weapon.
  • Get 1 Operator Triple Kills with a Recommended Sniper.
  • Get 20 Operators Kills with the MCW.
  • Get 15 Operator Kills with Sight Equipped to a Recommended Assault Rifle.
  • Get 15 Operator Headshots Kills with the MCW.

For Zombie mode, you’ll have to complete the following challenges:

  • Get 250 Kills with a Recommended weapon.
  • Get 100 Kills with a Silenced Recommended Assault Rifle.
  • Get 30 Kills with PHD Flopper Explosions.
  • Get 200 Kills in the Medium of High Threat Zone.
  • Get 100 Kills with the MCW.
  • Get 150 Scoped Kills with a Recommended Assault Rifle.
  • Get 150 Critical Kills with the MCW.

Each new week will unveil a new set of challenges. But to be able to complete those challenges, you’ll need to ensure that your level is high enough to unlock the challenge for competition. Fortunately, the kills you get while the challenge is “locked” will still count.  

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