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How to Get Experimental Ship Modules in Starfield

The best modules for the job.

In Starfield, your ship is only as good as the modules you have installed into it. Class A parts may be smaller, but tend to offer less powerful stats as a result. Class C parts, on the other hand, are much better stat-wise, but tend to make your ship bulkier and bring down mobility. Class B sits somewhere in-between. Thankfully, each class of ship can unlock some very powerful ship modules. However, how and where you get them can be a bit up in the air. Here’s how to get experimental ship modules in Starfield.

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How to Unlock Experimental Ship Modules in Starfield

Starfield Experimental Ship Engine Module
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Experimental ship modules in Starfield are unlocked upon hitting Level 4 in the Starship Design skill. Each level will unlock more modules for you to install to your ship, while Level 4 will provide you with access to experimental ship modules specifically. Besides needing four points to put into the skill, you’ll also need to install a certain amount of unique ship modules per level. These can be safely deleted later, but won’t sell for as you as you paid for them.

As for where you can find these experimental ship modules, you’ll need to check the Ship Builder menu within a Ship Services Technician’s inventory. Certain ones will offer you different parts, including some of those experimental parts I mentioned. We have a guide on all the Ship Services Technicians in Starfield which you can find below.

All Experimental Ship Modules in Starfield

Starfield Spheromak DC202 Reactor
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There are a number of experimental ship modules scattered across all types. We’ve broken them down below by module type, for convenience.

  • Engines
    • White Dwarf 3015 Engine
    • SA-4330 Engine
  • Fuel Tanks
    • 900T He3 Tank
    • M50 Ulysses He3 Tank
  • Reactors
    • 380T Stellarator Reactor
    • Z-Machine 2020 Reactor
    • Tokamak X-120S Reactor
  • Shields
    • Deflector SG-35 Shield Generator
    • 28T Defender Shield Generator
    • Assurance SG-1800 Shield Generator
    • Bastille S84 Shield Generator
  • Weapons
    • PBO-40 Auto Electron Beam
    • Mauler 106S Shot-Cannon
    • Scorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser Turret
    • Atlatl 290B Missile Launcher
    • Tsukisasu 19K Missile Launcher
  • Cockpit
    • Kon-Tiki B600 Bridge

If you want to learn more about shipbuilding, check out our guide on how to upgrade a ship’s Cargo Hold space in Starfield.

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