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New World Endless Thirst
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New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth expansion and accompanying update introduced mounts, new expeditions, and other interesting content to explore. One point of interest is an increased Gear Score of 700 and Artifact equipment, the new highest tier after Legendary. Some items are incredibly challenging to obtain, requiring weeks of grinding or spending money, depending on your preference. Continue reading to discover how to get Endless Thirst in New World.

Where to Find Endless Thirst Artifact Earring in New World

Endless Thirst is an Artifact rarity earring earned by reaching level 100 in New World’s third seasonal pass. By completing seasonal quests and progressing through this season pass, you’ll find a mix of free and premium rewards, with Endless Thirst available at the very end. Since it is a free reward, you do not have to upgrade to premium to obtain the earring.

However, if you’re running out of time or want to reach the end immediately, you can purchase levels using Marks of Fortune, New World’s premium currency. Each level costs 1,000 Marks of Fortune or the equivalent of $1 a level. Alternatively, you can use 30,000 Marks of Fortune to buy the premium pass and 20 levels as a bundle.

New World Season Pass Explained

New World’s season pass is an event that runs for two months. It allows you to gain rewards such as resource boxes, gear, and coins, among other items. You can access the pass by clicking Season 3 next to Mount on the main UI screen or pressing F9 on your keyboard.

Once you enter the season menu, you’ll see a standard battle pass-like screen displaying every reward you can obtain. You can also view your seasonal quests in the Journey Menu or see miscellaneous stamp objectives in the Activity Card.

As you gain points from the Journey quests and Activity Card stamps, you’ll unlock free seasonal rewards, shown on the top row of the pass. To access the bottom row, you must upgrade to the premium pass. This bottom row offers additional exclusive items, from equipment and Marks of Fortune to the Scurge legendary mount at level 100.

New World is available to play on PC. If you want to explore other regions before diving into Rise of the Angry Earth content, check out all 26 Ancient Glyph locations in New World.

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