How to Get Drawstring in LEGO Fortnite

Put down the sword and get yourself a bow.

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Crossbows are a great weapon to have in LEGO Fortnite, as you do not have to get up close and personal with a sword and risk damage. These weapons do require Drawstring to craft, which can be a bit of a process to get.

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How to Craft Drawstring in LEGO Fortnite

Drawstring can be crafted with five Cords at the Spinning Wheel machine. Cords can also be crafted at the same machine for five Vines each, which can be gathered by destroying bushes.

Players can get the Spinning Wheel in Survival mode by first building the Crafting Bench and Lumber Mill machines. Then, the Spinning Wheel can be built with eight Planks, five Wooden Rods, five Wood, and five Wolf Claws.

Players will first deposit 25 Vines into the Spinning Wheel to make five Cords, take them out when finished, and then deposit those five Cords into the Spinning Wheel to make one Drawstring. This can be a lot of materials to make one resource, but players will not need much to craft with the Drawstring.

LEGO Fortnite Drawstring Recipes

The Drawstring is one of the main components needed to make Recurve Crossbows, which can be done at the Crafting Bench. Recurve Crossbows can come in different rarities, as long as players have upgraded their Crafting Bench to the same rarity. The Common Recurve Crossbow does not need any Drawstring to make. Here are all the Recurve Crossbow recipes that use Drawstring:

  • Uncommon Recurve Crossbow – Eight Knotroot Rods, One Drawstring
  • Rare Recurve Crossbow – Eight Flexwood Rods, One Drawstring
  • Epic Recurve Crossbow – Eight Frostpine Rods, Three Iron Bars, One Drawstring

For more LEGO Fortnite recipes that can be made with the Spinning Wheel, check out our guide on how to get Wool Thread.

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