How to Get Devil Fruit in GPO: Grand Piece Online Devil Fruits Guide

Devil Fruit is never good, or is it?

Grand PIece Online Devil Fruit

Grand Piece Online is a magical sea adventure in the Roblox world where you team up, battle bandits and pirates, and explore islands. With a number of items to farm and collect, Devil Fruits complete the story by being the critical part of the game. When found and consumed, Devil Fruit will offer you its unique ability and make you 10 times more powerful. 

However, they are not easy to come by, and we are here to help you get Devil Fruits in Grand Piece Online. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Get Devil Fruit in Roblox Grand Piece Online 

Devil Fruits are rare, and you will need to be in the Second Sea to get them. This means that you be at least level 100 when you encounter them for the first time. So, to play is to grind. 

There are several ways to get your hands on Devil Fruit:


Trading should be the easiest way for you to get the Devil Fruit as it doesn’t require battling against others. However, you need to have some rare items to trade.

This might be tough for new players as rare items are not your best friends, and you will have to level up first before you can access them.

Fighting Enemy Ships

Defeating enemy ships is another way of getting Devil Fruit. More often than not, a defeated Captain will provide you with a Devil Fruit. Unfortunately, there isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get one every time you defeat a Captain. However, you can always battle the next ship as they’ll come at you like crazy once you are on the open sea. 

Dungeons Mode

In the game menu, you will find Dungeons Mode. You can team up with four other players and explore dungeons where you will face waves of enemies for Devil Fruits. Bosses are included in the mode, so beware. 

Tree Farming

Believe it or not, Devil Fruit grows on trees. However, these unique items don’t spawn on regular trees. You need to look at those much narrower and skinnier trees at the Colosseum of Arc. 

Like any other method, this one is also not guaranteed. The best way is to enter the AFK farm mode and check back on those trees in a couple of hours. 

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