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How to Get Darumaka in Pokemon GO

If a Darumaka grants your wish, you have to burn it. I don't make the rules.

by Daphne Fama

It’s almost time for the Lunar New Year, and Pokemon GO is celebrating with a whole host of Fire-Type and Rabbit Pokemon. But one Pokemon seems to have somehow become the mascot of this festive event: Darumaka! Perhaps it’s because the Daruma doll Darumaka is based on is burned at some temples during the New Years? Either way, here’s how to get your very own Darumaka in Pokemon Go.

How to Get Darumaka in Pokemon GO

Darumaka is an adorable Pokemon that typically makes an appearance around the Holiday season. You’ll be able to encounter it as a rare spawn as a Wild Encounter (Unovan / Fire-Type only), meaning there’s a chance you’ll see it wandering around the Overworld.

But don’t worry about your low chances of finding it that way. Darumaka will feature very heavily in the Event in almost every activity. Here’s all possible ways of encountering it:

  • As a Wild Spawn (Unovan only)
  • Upon hatching from a 7 km egg obtained during the event (Unovan or Galarian)
  • Upon completing a Timed Research: Lucky Wishes quest line (Unovan or Galarian)
  • In One-Star Raids (Unovan or Galarian)
  • Upon completing Field Research Tasks (Unovan or Galarian)

Really, you’re almost spoiled for choice on how you get your Darumaka. The most efficient channels to go through are Raids, as Darumaka will occupy half of the potential Raid pool, and you’ll be able to choose whether you want it in its icy or fiery form.

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The least efficient option is through Field Research Tasks, as Darumaka shares the pool with a total of 13 Pokemon.

And yes, if you’re curious, Darumaka can be shiny in Pokemon GO. In fact, during the Lunar Event, there’s increased odds of you finding it this way!

Good luck getting that Lucky Charm Pokemon, Trainer!

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