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How to Get Copper in V Rising

by Jesse Vitelli

V Rising mixes survival gameplay elements with the powers of being a vampire. At night, you’ll be on the prowl looking for enemies to feed on and materials to gather to construct your perfect castle. You’ll need quite a lot of materials in order to make your dream stronghold. Here’s how to get copper in V Rising.

How to Get Copper in V rising

In order to get copper in V Rising, you’ll need to find copper nodes around the map. These look like the stone nodes you’ve already been hacking down, but they have a bronze tint to them. You can tell they have a raw material in them that isn’t just stone.

However, if you go to hit the copper vein with your standard weapon, it won’t break. You’ll get the message “attack level too low.” This means you’ll need an upgraded weapon in order to smash these veins open and obtain the copper you’re looking for.

First, you’ll need to craft the workbench, which allows for higher-tier crafting that you won’t be able to do in your crafting menu. Once you’ve unlocked the workbench, you should have it if you’ve been following the tutorial missions up until now.

You’ll want to make any of the “reinforced bone” weapons. It doesn’t matter if it’s an axe, sword, or mace. Just craft whichever you like to use and now you’ll have a weapon that can do some real damage against those copper nodes.

Once you’ve found the copper node and have the proper tools, all you need to do is harvest it like any other resource, and the copper will be yours. You can then take it to a furnace (if you’ve built one) and transform the ore into ingots to craft further with.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get copper in V Rising.

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