How to Get Bone Collector Operator Skin in MW3 Zombies

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 offers in-game rewards in the form of boosts and other cosmetic items for completing missions or challenges. The Bone Collector skin is a character outfit that players can earn very late in the Zombies story mode.

How to Get the Bone Collector Skin in MW3 Zombies

Players can obtain the Bone Collector Operator Skin by completing the final mission in the Zombies mode, Defeat Zakhaev. This is the Story Mission located under Act 3 and after the Tier 4 set of missions.

Essentially, players will have to complete the entire story of the Zombies mode to get the Bone Collector skin. The mission will also reward players with an additional 10,000 XP.

Every Zombies mission must be completed before Defeat Zakhaev, and none can be skipped. Act 1 has 21 missions, Act 2 has 15 missions, and Act 3 has 11 missions before the final mission. This makes a grand total of 48 missions in the entire Zombies campaign.

While most of the missions are not particularly difficult, it is recommended to play with a squad to make these challenges easier. Players on a coordinated team can even tackle the same missions together.

How to Equip Bone Collector Operator Skin in MW3

The Bone Collector Skin can be equipped from the Operators menu in Multiplayer and the Strike Team menu in Zombies for Modern Warfare 3. It can be used in both of the modes.

The skin is under the Ripper character on the SpecGru side. While the base character is not required to earn the skin, players can earn the Ripper character by getting 100 kills in a single Zombies match.

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